Shooting Classes

Shooting ClassesAre you looking for the ultimate shooting classes? You won’t find anything like what Bull Hill Training Ranch has to offer. Along with 2 scripted courses that include their Operational Long Range Marksmanship Course and their Dynamic Target Engagements Course, they offer the chance to enjoy tailored shooting classes on custom courses, designed specifically for your purposes.

Bull Hill Training offers custom training packages to specifically meet your unit or agency’s needs. Simply send a brief summary of what you have in mind and the experts at Bull Hill Training Ranch will develop a custom course to enhance the skill sets of your long range operators. Don’t forget to include the number of days you’d like to come up and train, the number of personnel who will be attending, and a list of your training objectives.

Guests appreciate The Ranch’s ability to support every rifle caliber up to 50 cal., along with the provision to let guests qualify on all of their weapons systems, they can also allow you to complete METLs to meet your annual requirements. Along with all of this, Bull Hill can also develop pre-deployment scenario-based mission sets to provide your unit with real-world application training to include the use of OPFOR personnel. The bottom line is that whatever you have in mind, Bull Hill can support it.

The Bull Hill facility can support rotary wing support from your unit and their LZs can support any rotary variant currently in operation! Just include some basic information if you wish to have your rotary wing support included in your training and it will be incorporated into your custom training package.

If your organization is not able to manage travel to the Bull Hill Training Ranch, you can still take advantage of their shooting classes via their mobile training teams that are able to come to your site to execute course curriculum with your unit training objectives. If you’r interested in getting out of the office for an excursion unlike anything else you have ever experienced, contact Bull Hill Training Ranch by calling 509-768-4452 or fill out the contact form online at

Are the rigors of the daily corporate world causing stress within your organization? You’ll find there is no better way to experience relief from that stress like getting out of the office and enjoying an excursion with Bull Hill Training. Their corporate training packages are designed to put some adventure and excitement back into your life and the lives of your co-workers. Simply fill out a few pieces of information and they will get back with you shortly with answers to any questions you may have.

Shooting classes are enjoyable and affordable through Bull Hill Training Ranch. Find out more about how you can travel to their world-class ranch or invite them to your location. You can learn more about what is involved by visiting where you can read about ‘What’s Possible” toward the top of their home page.