Operational Marksmanship Course

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Purpose: Military/Government/LE Operators in today’s day and age are mostly focused on engaging static targets in a relaxed environment with non-combat replicated conditions.  As a Special Operations Infantryman and Sniper, my experience has been that the enemy rarely remains static and is likely to be maneuvering on a friendly force. The Dynamic Target Engagement Course will give students the tools and instruction to accurately eliminate static and maneuvering targets in combat simulated scenarios. This course will give the shooter a great understanding on how to engage targets in multiple operational environments.


  • Optimal rifle setup
  • Zeroing procedures/Cold bore
  • Scope manipulation
  • Alternate position shooting
  • Target detection/camouflage and concealment
  • AB Kestrel employment
  • Wind reading techniques and formulas
  • Judging distance techniques and formulas
  • Environmental Factors
  • Steel Target Engagements out to 1 mile
  • Moving target engagements
  • Active shooter scenarios

Equipment Needed:

  • All equipment to conduct training will be provided, however it is encouraged that students bring the weapon systems they will be employing in future operations to conduct training


Caliber: All calibers are authorized at our facility, however for best training value .308 is advised. (If using the Ranch rifles, 308 ammunition will be the primary caliber used)

Load Out: 200 rounds per student/per day of course instruction

 Starting price is $1,350 per student. To book, visit our pricing page to submit a deposit or email kylekowalski79@gmail.com to book today!