Law Enforcement Basic Sniper Course

Please call (509) 768-4452 to book today!

This course consists of 40 hours of instruction via class room and range time. Each class room portion will conclude with instruction in practical LE employment. Students will be proficient after completing the course in the below bullets:

  1. Fundamentals of marksmanship
  2. Optimal rife set up and scope mounting
  3. Ballistic computer application
  4. Ballistic computer programming
  5. Moving targets
  6. Dialing data and known holds
  7. Wind reading and judging distance
  8. Engaging static targets out to 900m

 The cost per student – $1000.00

Additional Fees - at government per diem rate 

Additional Charges: 

Meals: $51.00 per day

Lodging: $91.00 per day

A 3% processing fee will be added for use of credit cards


The Ranch Facility includes: 50,000 acres in NE Washington state with mountainous wooded terrain with multiple bodies of water to include creeks lakes and the Columbia River. Three shooting ranges with vehicle target engagements, multiple type steel targets, long range and high angle (up to 40° angle) engagements. Two gravel airfields that can accommodate STOL A/C and beach access to launch zodiacs or other maritime vessels. We can also provide equine mobility platforms for training. The Ranch has a 35-min flight time to a Level 2 trauma center and 6 min flight time to a Level 4 trauma center. Your safety is of utmost important to us, and mentioning this is just a safety precaution.

Please call (509) 768-4452 to book today!