Long Range Shooting

Long Range ShootingAre you interested in improving on your long range shooting skills? Book a stay at Bull Hill Training Ranch and discover why it is the most popular training facility in the US. With 50,000 acres of training area, Bull Hill offers a unique opportunity to train and enjoy long range shooting.

Bull Hill Training Ranch’s Operational Long Range Marksmanship Shooting Course was specifically designed to meet the needs of both the novice and the intermediate shooter, offering instruction on basic to advanced marksmanship techniques. During this course, shooters will use the latest technology and formulas to engage targets while mastering the fundamentals and applications of marksmanship. You will not need any previous knowledge of long range shooting, however you must be able to remain in standard shooting positions for extended lengths of time.

This is a 3-day long range shooting course that has no prerequisites to booking the course. Topics of the Operational Long Range Marksmanship Shooting Course include:

– Rifle setup
– Scope mounting
– Fundamentals of long range marksmanship
– Cold bore & cold shooter theory
– Zeroing
– Reticle familiarization
– Sniper math
– Gravity drop
– Ballistics
– Calculating the effects of wind
– Judging distance
– Individual rifle builds
– Applied ballistics
– Operational target engagements

Guests often call Bull Hill Training Ranch to ask what sort of equipment they will need to bring. The following are lists of both required equipment and optional equipment:

– You’ll use Bull Hill’s rifle setup for optimal performance during long range shooting, however you’ll also have the unique opportunity to use what you have learned during the course to set up your own rifle.
– Tactical scope with ranging reticle
– 300 rounds of match grade ammo recommended
– A bipod or stabilization equipment
– Rear bag
– Gear for cleaning your weapon
– Footwear appropriate for the course
– Inclement weather gear
– Documentation tools, such as a notebook and pen
– A calculator or phone for field calculations

– Spotting scope and tripod
– Shooting mat
– Laser range finder

Visit BullHillTraining.com for current pricing on tuition. Your tuition cost will include all range fees, on-site lodging in cabins that are very accommodating, all meals, served in the cookhouse, your student outlines and certificate upon completion of the long range shooting course.

If planning to attend one of the long range shooting courses, it is highly advised that you arrive on the ranch the day before the start of the course in the early evening to arrange for lodging and prepare for training the following morning. Plan ahead for dinner on the night before training as it is not included in the cost of the course.

For long range shooting training, there is no better facility in all of the US. Bull Hill Training Ranch’s courses are instructed by their highly qualified instructor Dan Litzenberger who offers 8 years of operations experience, including special operations in the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, a year in the 7th Infantry Division as a Scout Sniper Section Leader and many additional qualifications you can read about on BullHillTraining.com. Book your stay early to ensure your preferred dates are available.