Firearms Training

Firearms TrainingAre you searching for a facility that offers advanced firearms training? Look no further than Bull Hill Training Ranch. With 50,000 acres available for a wide range of training, they offer a variety of courses designed to meet the needs of many types of clients who are visiting.

One of the most popular courses at Bull Hill Training Ranch is their Dynamic Target Engagement Course, designed to instruct students how to accurately engage maneuvering targets in a hostile environment. While present-day ops such as the Military, Federal and Law Enforcement operations are primarily focused on engaging targets that are static, it has been the observation of Bull Hill Training that the enemy rarely remains static and is very often maneuvering on a friendly force.

The Dynamic Target Engagement Course is designed to provide students with the tools and instruction necessary to eliminate maneuvering targets in combat simulated scenarios. Shooters will gain a greater understanding on how to eliminate hostile targets while they are highly dynamic and maneuvering within the battlespace.

This 3-day course’s prerequisites include the completion of Bull Hill Training Ranch’s Operational Long Range Marksmanship Course (or) an approved MIL/LE designated marksman/sniper course. To determine whether your level of experience meets the prerequisites, feel free to contact Bull Hill Training ranch.

Course topics for this firearms training course include:

– Dynamic target engagement from 100-1,000 meters
– Dynamic marksmanship techniques
– Dynamic target engagement formulas
– Applied ballistics Kestrel operation
– Bull Hill custom mover data cards
– Moving Target Speed analysis
– Shopper employment zones
– Operational firing positions

The all-inclusive price for tuition includes the use of Bull Hill’s optimal .308 Rifle platforms and 200 rounds of match grade ammunition. Shooters have the option to bring their own rifles and use the information learned to set-up their personal rifles. Required equipment will include appropriate footwear, inclement weather gear, recommended 300 rounds of match grade ammo, rear bag, notebook with pencil or pen and a calculator or phone.

The tuition for the Dynamic Target Engagement firearms training Course includes all range fees, on-site lodging fees, all meals, student outlines and a certificate of completion. Please be advised that Bull Hill Training Ranch has a zero tolerance policy for unsafe and reckless behavior. Any shooter deemed unsafe will forfeit their complete course fee and will be excused from the course.

Training begins each day at 8:00 am sharp and lasts until approximately 4:00 pm or later, depending on the daylight. Upon completion of the firearms training course, students can either depart after release from their instructor cadre or depart early the following morning after a continental breakfast.

Reserve your spot in the Dynamic Target Engagement Course or other preferred course today by going online to and clicking on the ‘Courses’ link at the top of the home page. You’ll never regret your decision to take firearms training courses that will improve your understanding of the weapon you own and the proper use of it. Book your position early while your ideal date is open.