Firearm Training

Firearm TrainingIf you’re searching for a facility that provides firearm training unlike that which you can find anyplace else, consider Bull Hill Training Ranch. With 50,000 acres at your disposal, you’ll find their facility offers everything your could possibly want- and more.

Instructor Dan Litzenberger has the experience that counts, including 8 years of special ops experience, 6 combat deployments to Afghanistan, numerous commendations awards, has received the Top Shot Award at the Special Forces Sniper Course, and more. Instructor Litzenberger teaches with the philosophy that replicating combat sniper conditions and engagements in training will prepare students for these scenarios in real-life situations.

At Bull Hill Ranch, you will be trained on a state of the art facility using the most modern long-range shooting equipment. Your firearm training will go far more in depth than static price shooting engagements, preparing you for realistic target engagements in a variety of situations.

Consider Bull Hill Training Ranch’s statistics:

– 50,000 acre training area with multiple locations
– High angle training facility
– Mountain warfare training
– Water hazards
– Sniper field craft and stalking lanes
– Up to 50 caliber certification
– Advanced target systems
– HALO support
– Enjoy a facility video for more detailed information when you visit

Accommodations at the Bull Hill Guest Ranch are included in the cost of specific course tuition and are considered to be top-notch by guests who have stayed in the past and those who come back for additional firearm training.

Accommodations include very comfortable double and queen beds on the main floor, a wood burning stove in case you get chilly, lodgepole beds that have been hand-crafted, with Pendleton wool blankets, twin beds in the loft, a spacious bath with a shower and heating fan, tons of storage for all of your essentials, a coffee maker and alarm clock to get your mornings started and a covered porch to enjoy after a long day on the course.

Watch a video about the Bull Hill Guest Ranch to discover more reasons why guests return time after time. You’ll enjoy ranch-style dining in the Bull Hill Cookhouse where meals are served family-style. Breakfasts include stick-to-your-ribs options to get your day started out right. The Cookhouse employs three full-time chefs to provide the best meals possible, a full bar after a day on the course, comfortable couches to re-group and optional saloon tours.

Your firearm training at Bull Hill Ranch will take place on their 50,000 acre facility that offers high-angle engagement, multiple ranges, water hazards and features, moving targets, vehicle targets, custom structure builds, ATVs and UTVs, high cliff faces, double airfields, drop zones, HLZs, risk mitigation, on-site lodging, equestrian training, and a whole lot more.

Visit to find out more about the ranch or contact them about a facility rental. Be sure to book your preferred dates early while they are available. For the ultimate in firearm training, Bull Hill Training Ranch provides the opportunities their guests are looking for.