Custom Courses

Custom Courses

If your unit leadership requires for CONOP purposes, Surface Danger Zones (SDZs) in accordance with DA-PAM 385-63 and Casualty Evacuation Plans in order to allow your unit to train with us, please let us know and we can provide documentation and overlays at your Commander’s request.

Surface Danger Zones

Given the unique missions and operational requirements of our Military, Law Enforcement and Private Security Contractor brothers, we offer custom tailored training packages to specifically meet your unit or agencies needs. Please send us a brief synopsis of what you are looking for and we will develop a custom course to enhance the skill sets of your long range operators. What we primarily need is: Number of days you’d like to come up and train, the number of personnel attending, and your training objectives. We can support every rifle caliber up to .50 cal. Our range provides you with the ability to qualify on all your units weapons systems and also can allow you to complete mission essential task lists (METLs) to meet annual requirements. On top of this, we can also develop pre-deployment scenario based mission sets to provide your unit with real world application training to include the use of OPFOR personnel. Basically you name it and we can support it. Just click below¬†and we will get back to promptly with cost and availability.

Our facility can also support rotary wing support from your unit and our LZ’s can support any rotary variant currently in operation. If you wish to have your rotary wing support be included in your training, please let us know and we will incorporate it into your custom training package.