Combat Training

Combat TrainingWhen searching for the ideal place to support your combat training, consider Bull Hill Training Ranch. With more than 50,000 acres of training area, Bull Hill is able to meet the needs of your unit like no other location is able to. The facility offers:

– High angle training
– Mountain warfare training
– Water hazards, over water engagements, shooting from a boat or over lakes and rivers
– Sniper field craft and stalking lanes
– Up to 50 caliber certification, meeting military standards for training
– Advanced target systems with moving targets from 3-12 MPH
– HALO support for most fixed wing platforms

Select from one of the scripted courses for your combat training or talk to a staff member about a custom scripted course to more fully meet the needs of your unit or group. You may find that Bull Hill Training Ranch’s Dynamic Target Engagement is perfectly suited to meet your needs, in which case, it’s just a matter of contacting the ranch and booking your stay.

The Dynamic Target Engagement Course lasts 3 days and will provide intensive instruction on accurately engaging maneuvering targets in a hostile environment. In order to sign up for this course, you’ll need to have already completed Bull Hill’s Operational Long Range Marksmanship Course or an approved MIL/LE designated marksman or sniper course. Call Bull Hill at 509-768-4452 to inquire as to your experience meeting their prerequisites.

Combat Training in the Dynamic Target Engagement Course will include engagements from 100-1000 meters, marksmanship techniques, engagement formulas, applied ballistics Kestrel operation, moving target speed analysis, shooter employment zones, operational firing positions and more. Equipment necessary for combat training in the Dynamic Target Engagement includes:

– Bolt-action or semi-automatic rifle capable of 1 MOA or better. Bull Hill highly recommends .308 caliber rifles with a max. of .338 allowed.
– Tactical scope with ranging reticle
– 300 rounds of match grade is highly recommended
– Bipod or weapon stabilization equipment
– Rear bag
– Applied Ballistics Kestrel
– Weapons cleaning gear
– Appropriate footwear
– Inclement weather gear
– Notebook and pencil or pen
– Calculator or phone for on-field calculations

Optional equipment includes:

– Spotting scope and tripod
– Shooting mat
– Laser range finder

It’s highly advisable to arrive at the ranch the day prior to your combat training to coordinate lodging arrangements and prepare for training. Since dinner is not provided on the day before training, it is advisable to make arrangements. Training will begin each morning at 8 am sharp and last until 4 pm or later, depending on the daylight. Tuition for this course includes all of your range fees, on-site lodging, all meals, student outlines and certificate of completion.

To learn more about combat training at Bull Hill Training Ranch, please visit online at where you’ll find a complete list of the courses available as well as the amenities and additional services offered. Feel free to contact the ranch by calling 509-768-4452 with any questions. You’ll find their staff more than happy to help you put together a custom course for your group, or whatever is needed for your training.