Non-refundable Deposit: Operational Marksmanship Course

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Three days of training will be conducted with Retired Army Ranger SSG Dan Litzenberger. Our facility offers multiple firing ranges which enables us to facilitate high angle firing, engagements over bodies of water, multiple stalking lanes, target engagements up to 2000 meters, aerial platform engagements and much more. Given the large operational area, our range can support every rifle caliber up to .50 cal. For our military, law enforcement and private security personnel we can facilitate annual weapon qualifications and support training to meet organizational collective training tasks for individuals as well as up to the company level. Our cadre can develop custom courses to support your unit’s needs. Given our recent military service, our skill sets and knowledge support current operational tactics and techniques.

50% Deposit is required at time of booking. The remaining 50% balance is due at time of arrival.

50% deposit is non refundable.

Total for this course is $1350.00 and includes a bed in the bunkhouse.